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From his writings it is obvious to me that Charles W. Leadbeater was not only incredibly knowledgeable in the esoteric sciences, but he was also a genuinely good man (though both he and his generation of Theosophists still have their critics.) When a writer states outright that a good is only good if it benefits everyone, or that children contain the spark of the Divine and should be treated with the appropriate respect, their character is fairly obvious. This man was motivated by the desire to do well, not by any egoistic lust for influence and power. Then there was also the fact that he was extremely accepting and tolerant of spiritualists and mediums for a Theosophist of his day- but then he was also a world recognized clairvoyant in his own right.

In spite of the fact that the two-volume set that this volume is condensed from was given as a series of "informal" talks it still isn't a light read. There are profound concepts dealt with in depth and detail- and plenty of formal Sanskrit terminology. The range of concepts is encyclopaedic. Indeed, with the very detailed table of contents and the full index this volume serves very well as a reference book to classical Theosophical doctrine. In fact the frequent reference to the writings of Madam Blavatsky also makes it an exegesis on her works.

The length, the depth, the formal terminology can be overwhelming, but ultimately perseverance is rewarded. As the author himself put it, when a candidate has raised himself to the level of initiation there is no power that can withhold it.

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